Story telling starts here

Engage visitors and let them enjoy musical storytelling at its finest.

Musicals are stylistic approaches to stories that touch our hearts.

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Fully focused on the fans

Give your visitors the ultimate musical and visual experience. Use our smart marketing tools to let the story telling start before each show. Engage visitors through custom mobile app and stunning web integrations, before, during and after each musical.
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Dynamic Floor Plans

Let your fans choose which tickets they want to buy. With the interactive maps of Tixxio it is immediately clear which seats are still available and how much a ticket costs. Of course, the floor plans are adaptable per show and mobile friendly. Your own branding? No problem, the integration is flexible and fully adaptable to your corporate identity.
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The best eCommerce practices, at your service.

Flexible floor plans

Real time floor planning, allowing your fans to decide where to enjoy the show.

Fully automated financial flows

A safe and automatic distribution of funds. Our solution is fully compliant with legislation, so no worries. Ready for the future. PSD2 and 3D Secure 2 Compliant.

Memories that last

Measure fans engagement and optimize strategy after each show. Create reports, notifications and newsletters easily in your own tone of voice.

Smart marketing tools that work for you.

Insight before, during and after each show? No problem for the automated marketing tools and real-time data overviews. Compare multiple shows with each other and compare strategies. Do you see that one show just needs a boost? Respond to the latest trends and communicate with your unique target group within the same environment.
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Peak Performance, delivered.

Tixxio can provide musicals of all sizes with appropriate scalability and the certainty that their ticket ordering will stay online during peak times. No matter how quickly you expect the tickets to be sold, Tixxio automatically scales up so that you can always serve your customers.
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Excellent Support

Combine tickets with merchandise

Upsell easily with ticket + merchandise and give fans the opportunity to come to the show with the latest merchandise.

Smart event manager

Get a unique look at organizing your shows. All data comes together into one platform, giving you insights that you would never have had otherwise.

Excellent Support

We are ready to help you when you need it. Thanks to your own client success manager and our support team, you can continue to focus fully on your musical.

Promotion via social media, smart and automated

Use the smartest marketing solutions and maximize ticket sales. Our marketing tools do the work for you in a fraction of the time. Social media campaigns that generate awareness, sell tickets and much more.
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Cashless Payment Methods

Tixxio makes it possible to offer cashless payments during your shows, regardless of the quality of the local internet connection. Forget cash money. Tixxio offers an all-in-one solution in which your catering is managed and each customer can pay by telephone or theater card. Upfront or during the show, it is easy to deposit money and spend it immediately. Fully automated and integrated with accountancy software.
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Are you ready for a change?

Tixxio has the most complete platform where everything comes together and is easy to operate. Let's get acquainted?

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